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Ceramic Coating

From £280.00

Ceramic coating is a sealant for your vehicle that bonds with the paintwork creating an invisible layer of extremely durable, long lasting protection.

When applied and maintained correctly, it can last for approximately 2 years, whereas an average wax will typically last a few months depending on the cars usage.

The coating will help to protect the car from scratches, dirt and other contaminants keeping your car cleaner for longer.

Ceramic coating can be applied to all areas of the cars exterior, such as paintwork, wheels, lights and glass providing the ultimate protection for your pride and joy.

We offer a standard Ceramic Coating package, however we can offer a bespoke package to suit each individuals requirements.

Our ceramic coating package includes:

Wheels cleaned and treated

Snow foam pre wash

Iron and tar decontamination

Wash and rinse vehicle

Vehicle dried with microfibre towel and blower

Door shuts and sills cleaned

Clay bar paintwork to remove any further contaminants

Single stage machine polish

IPA clean of all paintwork to remove wax/polish residue

Single layer of ceramic coating applied to bodywork and glass

Add ons:

Application of ceramic coating to wheels - £30

Extra layer of ceramic coating protection - £80 per layer

Interior ceramic coated - £POA

Get in touch for more information, or to book your car in for a ceramic coating now!

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