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Pole Position Detail



Alloys/wheel trims cleaned

Snow foam pre wash

Tar remover applied to vehicle

Wash and rinse vehicle

Vehicle dried with microfibre towel

Dressing applied to exterior trim

Dressing applied to tyres

Spray wax applied to paintwork


Door sills and shuts cleaned

Rubbish removed

Seats, floor mats, footwells and boot vacuumed

Seats and floor mats shampooed

All leather areas cleaned

Dash, plastic trim and door sills cleaned

Dressing applied to interior trim

Glass cleaned

Air freshener applied throughout


Ad on's:

Carnauba (Hard) wax - £45

Alloy wheel wax - £15

Leather balm and protection - £15

Carpet cleaning and extraction - £15

From - £75

Note: Not suitable for excessively dirty vehicles. Dog hair removal, heavy soiling etc can incur an extra cost.

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